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The Night Watch
Bringing Rembrandt’s world-famous masterpiece, The Night Watch into the metaverse through an NFT collection. Collect one of the pieces and become a founder of the MetaRembrandt Museum.
Limited to
8,000 pieces
The Night Watch painting will be crafted into 8,000 unique pieces for you to mint. By obtaining a piece, you will have access to the MetaRembrandt Museum, where you can witness Rembrandt's most famous paintings and other historical artworks. Various other utilities are embedded in each NFT.
NFT holder perks
Founding member
Become one of the 8,000 original founders of the MetaRembrandt Museum and get exclusive access to Rembrandt's complete collection.
Wall of Fame
Mark your name in the blockchain domain and join the community with other founders of the project.
Rent out your NFT
Rent out your NFT to other Rembrandt enthusiasts so they too can experience the exclusive collection.
Rembrandt van Rijn is one of the most prominent storytellers in the history of art.
Rembrandt's ability to capture people in their various states of emotions and dramatic moments in his artworks touches many audiences to this day. His 300 paintings can be found in collections around the world, ranging from Amsterdam to Japan.
The Night Watch is Rembrandt's largest and most significant painting.
It is often proclaimed as one of the most famous Dutch Golden Age paintings. The Night Watch is a group portrait of a militia company led by Captain Frans Banning Cocq and his lieutenant Willem van Ruytenburgh. These men are responsible for defending the city and putting down riots.

Rembrandt was the first to capture the moment. Now, it's available in the Metaverse.
Phase 1
Explore The Night Watch
Find your own unique piece in the search and explore tool, so you can uncover the hidden stories behind your piece of The Night Watch.
Phase 2
Rembrandt MetaBook airdrop
The Rembrandt Heritage Foundation will publish a new art book. The MetaBook version will be airdropped to all founders of the Meta Rembrandt museum.
Phase 3
Establishing the MetaMuseum
A virtual museum in the Metaverse will be assembled to honor the vision of the late Prof. Dr. Ernst van de Wetering. Through the founding of this museum, we will ensure that Rembrandt's collection remains preserved and accessible for future generations to come.
Phase 4
The Grand Opening
Never before has it been possible to admire all of Rembrandt's works of art in the Metaverse. During the grand opening of the first metaverse exhibition, all of Rembrandt's paintings will be showcased.
Learn more about our whitepaper and vision in the whitepaper.
Prof. Dr Ernst van de Wetering 1938 - 2021
Continue the legacy
Dr. Ernst van de Wetering (1938-2021) was a Dutch historian who had extensive expertise and specialized in Rembrandt and his work. In 1992, he was the chairman of the Rembrandt Research Project, where he led a team of scholars to track down, authenticate, and preserve Rembrandt's works. One of van de Wetering's valuable contributions includes digitalizing all of Rembrandt's paintings together with the Rembrandt Heritage Foundation, which are the backbone of this project.
Meet the team
We are a team committed to promoting the work of Rembrandt so we keep his legacy alive and accessible for everyone. We believe that through innovation, people can continue to learn and appreciate Rembrant's contributions in art, history and culture.
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What is an NFT?
NFT stands for "Non-Fungible Token, a unique digital identifier that cannot be copied, substituted or subdivided, that is recorded in a blockchain, and that is used to certify authenticity and ownership. The Night Watch NFT collection will be stored on the Ethereum blockchain.
What is The Night Watch NFT?
MetaRembrandt is an initiative by the Rembrandt Heritage Foundation in honor of the late Prof. Ernst van de Wetering. The Night Watch NFT is a unique piece of the Night Watch that represents a particular piece of the painting. Every piece of Rembrandt’s Night Watch is a masterpiece in its own right, consisting of unique traits and various utilities.
What is the utility of holding a Night Watch NFT?
Owning a Night Watch NFT will make you a founding member of the MetaRembrandt museum, and will give you lifetime access to the collection. Additional perks for owning a Night Watch NFT are:
  • Listed on the wall of fame in the MetaRebrandt museum;
  • Passive income by renting out your NFT;
  • See, as one of the only people on earth, the full collection of Rembrandt in the Metaverse;
  • Access to exclusive events in the MetaRebrandt museum and real life;
  • Access to the founders chat.
What makes The Night Watch NFT unique?
The unique properties of the NFTs are divided into Common Pieces, Lost Pieces, Hidden Stories, Portraits and the Eyes. Each property has its own story and level of rarity.
Where can I get a Night Watch NFT?
You can get “The Night Watch” NFT when the minting is live on the minting page.
What is the supply?
The Night Watch NFT collection consists of 8,000 pieces.
What is the MetaRembrandt portal and how can I access it?
The MetaRembrandt portal serves as the foundation for creating a seamless bridge between web2 and web3 users. The ultimate goal of the portal is to become the central hub of the MetaRembrandt ecosystem, providing a one-stop destination for all MetaRembrandt products and services. You can access it via

What is the official marketplace the collection will be traded on?
Opensea is the official marketplace. Other marketplaces will be added if approved by the founders.
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